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Financing environmental protection

Forms and areas of financing

The National Fund carries out independent financial economy, acting pursuant to the Act of The Environmental Law and according to the EU principle: ‘the polluter pays’.

It generates its incomes mainly from charges and fines for using the environment, maintenance and concession charges, energy sector charges, charges resulting from the Act on recycling of vehicles withdrawn from use, and sales of greenhouse gases emission units.
The National Fund ensures absorption of foreign funds allotted for the environmental protection, for example, from the Cohesion Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, LIFE Programme, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.
Proceeds acquired by Poland in international sales transactions of carbon dioxide emission allowance pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol supply the Green Investment Scheme which supports investment projects concerning climate protection and greenhouse gas emission reductions.
The National Fund offers its beneficiaries support inefficient and timely implementation of projects. Above all, it provides financial support to projects fulfilling environmental obligations imposed on Poland resulting from the European Union membership.
It also supports activities undertaken by the Minister for the Environment in fulfilling Polish obligations under, for example, the Climate Convention, the Convention on Biological Diversity, or the NATURA 2000 programme.

Effects of our activities

In the period of 1989-2014, the National Fund concluded contracts for co-financing of projects, spending approx. PLN 36.6 billion from its own funds. In the same period of time the National Fund financed ecological projects with approx. PLN 23.4 billion from the European funds being at its disposal.

 Financing the environmental protection and water management by NFEP&WM (1989-2014)

  Selected environmental effects from the contracts concluded between 1989-2014