LIFE 2017 Call – invitation to proposals' consultation

08-06-2017, 11:28

Due to the approaching deadline for submitting LIFE proposals to the European Commission, consultations are planned on 19-30 June 2017 at the NFEP&WM headquarters in Warsaw.

Feel free to submit concrete proposals for projects when discussing with our experts. Consultations will be carried out in the form of individual meetings, during which we will gladly provide more information on the EC's requirements in the LIFE 2017 Call and discuss the purpose and scope of the LIFE project you're preparing.

Please submit applications for individual consultations at:, to find out more, call us at tel. 22 45 90 402. Registration will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Proposal consultations are primarily addressed at people already writing their proposal to the EC and intending to apply for funding under the 2017 call. If you can't participate in the consultations during the aforementioned period, please inform us about the willingness to hold such consultations in any other period that's convenient to you.

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