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LIFE Capacity Building Project

LIFE Programme National Contact Point in Poland has been operating since the year 2008 as per the agreement of the Ministry of Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.        A co-financing scheme is available, too.

We are pleased to announce that as of January 1st, 20016 the operations of LIFE National Contact Point have been extended thanks to signing the Grant Agreement by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management with the European Commission – LIFE Capacity Building Project, Agreement No LIFE 14 CAP/PL/000011. 14 member states benefit from Article 19 (8) of the LIFE Regulation. For more information - please select Capacity Building Projects: link

Capacity Building Projects are available to Member States under the Multiannual Work Programme and provide financial support to activities required to build the capacity of member States to participate more effectively in the LIFE programme. We take pride in offering new additional activities for all potential Applicants from Poland to provide all information and support necessary for a precise definition of the environmental problem, choice of priority area, definition of project objectives, specification of actions and expected project results, We held workshops in proposal writing and offer individual consultation to all applicants.

Our objective is to spread information about LIFE Programme and reach a wide range of target groups of Polish Applicants, help them to develop high quality proposals and use the available resources efficiently.  We also encourage international cooperation. All applicants from other Member States interested in development of joint proposals are invited to contact us on the address


A. Implementation actions.

Action number                 Name of the action (max. 1 line)

 A.1                                       IT equipment for NCP  
 A.2                                       Building cooperation with international bodies
 A.3                                       Foreign language courses
 A.4                                       Substantive courses for NCP
 A.5                                       Consulting LIFE proposals

B. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Action number                 Name of the action

B.1                                         Quality and amount of proposals monitoring submited to European Commission
B.2                                         Monitoring of dissemination of information about LIFE Programme   

C. Actions for communication and for dissemination

Action number                 Name of the action

C.1                                         Disseminating of information about LIFE Programme including translations of
                                               documents from European Commission
C.2                                         The Information Day – new formula     
C.3                                         Exchange information with external bodies and taking part in tutorials
                                              and conferences     
 C.4                                        Programme LIFE  website / mail contact lists (newsletter)
 C.5                                        Publication of informational materials  
 C.6                                        Info tools           
 C.7                                        Tutorial and conference materials         
 C.8                                        Sponsored articles
 C.9                                        Interactive e-learning courses
 C.10                                      Courses dedicated for each LIFE sub-programme

D. Project management and monitoring of project progress

Action number                 Name of the action

 D.1                                       Management of project implementation           
 D.2                                       Report system
 D.3                                       Monitoring actions