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Find your partner for LIFE


If you think of a LIFE proposal and look for a partner – this is a form for you!

As a potential LIFE project beneficiary you may gain from cooperation with partners outside your country. The transnational character of a project will enhance the EU added value. This will allow you to use the experience in the relevant area and make the impact of your project stronger!

Many LIFE applicants search for partners in the academic, commercial or nature protection area. Building a consortium for a LIFE project contributes to its overall quality, makes your proposal more convincing, with multipurpose and synergy. The statistics of 2016 LIFE call published by the EC show that multi-country consortia have a better chance to submit a successful proposal. On the other hand, many applicants say the existing partner search platforms are not sufficient. This is why we offer you another instrument to look for and make contact to potential partners for cooperation in LIFE projects. You may reach the interested ones directly. You can also make yourself visible.

Please fill in the form now. Make sure you choose the relevant area and provide a brief description of your experience and of the project you are working on. Hope our search tool will help you. If you still have a problem and look for a LIFE project partner in Poland, please contact us: h

Partner Search Tool

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